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Elite is a dedicated Mechanical and Electrical recruitment company. 

We specialise in providing practical solutions to all aspects of temporary and permanent

Mechanical and Electrical recruitment. 

Our ‘Value for Money’ approach means that our clients -

• Benefit from our experience and knowledge of the currently available workforce.
• Reduce travelling expense costs – utilising the best local labour available for projects.
• Have confidence in the quality and reliability of the individuals that Elite recruit.
• Work with the partnership of a motivated agency that is committed to meeting your requirements.
• Deal with experienced recruiters that have decades of experience in the Mechanical and Electrical recruitment marketplace.

If you have any labour requirements or would like to discuss staffing solutions to any upcoming projects please do not hesitate to call Elite on 01793 512000

Elite pride themselves on recruiting the best Mechanical and Electrical tradesmen and mates available.

If you are a skilled mechanical or electrical tradesmen or mate and would like to register with an agency that is committed to finding you the right contract please call now to register.

CALL ELITE ON - 01793 512000